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Emergency Environmental Response

A major source of supply for industry and government agencies, Connors Diving Services Limited also has ready for immediate deployment on a 24 hour basis a team of trained personnel, absorbent materials, vacuum pumps, boats and associated marine equipment to ensure rapid containment and removal of most environmental spills. Connors Diving Services has been acknowledged by Environment Canada for its method and equipment response in spills and oil cleanup. Equipment and services offered include:

  • Oil Boom
    2000’ of mechanical oil boom containerized, 1000’ of mechanical oil boom mounted on a hydraulic reel for fast deployment plus over 100 bales of disposable oil boom and oil sock ready to go at all times guarantee rapid response to your most urgent needs. Connors Diving Services is also a source of supply for oil boom in Atlantic Canada.
  • Vacuum Pumps
    Our vacuum pumps are ideal for cleaning up of small emergency oil spills and cleaning up oily effluents on beaches, shorelines and particular confined areas on land. The effluent is transported directly to the receptacle, generally a 45 imperial gallon drum.
  • Absorbent Pads
    A stocking supplier, we can supply absorbent pads for small cleanups or as an aid to spill containment. Absorbent pads are very useful in cleaning oil spills, large or small. Absorbent pads are available in two types: sonic bonded and air laid. The sonic bonded pads are low lint and manufactured by bonding two layers of melt-blown polypropylene. They are ideal for industrial use or for rapid clean ups where extra strength is required. The sonic bonded pads and rolls are available in white for oil only, and yellow for chemical spills. Airs laid pads are manufactured from 100% polypropylene fibers. The fibers are bonded between two layers of spun bond fabric. These pads are stronger than the sonic bonded and are more absorbent. They are also lint free. Air laid pads and rolls are available in white oil-only and are perfect for conditions that require superior strength and extra absorption.
  • Inflatable Boats
    Several inflatable zodiac boats are containerized ready for deployment and allow access to even the most rugged of coastline.
  • Mobile Containers
    Using a containerized system, we can tailor your requirements in pre-stocked containers for rapid deployment via our boom truck and trailer to any Atlantic Canada destination.

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