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Pipeline Installation and Repairs

Diversity is how a business survives. Since Connors Diving has been involved in pipeline installations from the beginning, it only made sense to be part of the fabrication process.

High density polyethylene has taken a front row seat in the pipeline industry. It's durability and ease to work with makes this product the right choice for most pipe projects.

Polyethylene Pipe Fusion
Connors Diving owns several fusion machines capable of welding the smallest sized pipe up to 24". We have factory trained technicians that can weld pipe as large as 48".

Hand Extrusion
Having the capability to hand weld polyethylene gives us greater flexibility in the field when tight repairs need to be done.
In addition, almost anything can be fabricated from this diverse product. From docks to boats or barges, the only limitation is your imagination.

Pipeline Installation
We have installed miles of high density polyethylene. Because the pipe is potable and it can be used for drinking water as well as salt water intakes and outfalls.

Concrete Weights
Since polyethylene is buoyant, concrete weights need to be added during the installation procedure. Our design is easily fabricated and field installed and allows for additional weight to be added after installation.
Custom designs and weight can be accommodated depending on the type and size of the pipeline to be installed.

Intake Screens
When deciding on a screen for your intake lines, durability and longevity are what you are looking for. A screen made from polyethylene is tougher and lasts longer than any other type of screen.
Custom sizes and configurations are available depending on the amount of flow needed or the profile you would like to maintain.



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