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From raising the sunken freighter “Hopedale” to privately owned recreational vessels, Connors Diving Services has the equipment, formal training and expertise to accomplish most any size salvage operation. We have a full range of hydraulic, pneumatic and explosive actuated tools along with kedging gear, barges and workboats. A brief description of some of our equipment follows:

  • 150 Ton Lift Barge
    With articulating “A” frame of 56’, a 74000 imperial gallon capacity, LWL 91’ and 32’ breadth plus on-deck hydraulic winches, this barge provides a powerful base for any salvage operation.
  • MV Divecomm III
    A 47’, a 310 hp vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, boom, hydraulic winch and accommodations for eight and is CSI inspected. This vessel frequently performs charter and diving activities from Cape Breton to Yarmouth, N.S. and has operated in severe winter conditions as far away as Argentia, Nfld.
  • MV North Com
    This boat has a 48’ cape island style hull, equipped with lifting “A” frame, hydraulic winch and quick connections on-deck, accommodations for six and inspected for Home Trade II voyages. With a 500nm range and equipment launching capabilities, this boat is ideal for scientific charters.
  • MV Mako II
    A rugged 45’ cape island style vessel, equipped with hydraulic winch and boom, this vessel is rigged as a general-purpose workboat. The Mako II is CSI certified.
  • Barges
    From 45’ steel barges to small work floats; we have several platforms suitable for operating pumps and compressors during salvage and/or dredging operations.
  • Compressors
    As Atlantic Canada’s leading sales and service facility through our division of “Breathing Air Systems”, we maintain air compressors for a large client base and have compressors of all sizes available in support of diving and salvage operations.
  • Pumps
    To meet the demands of large-scale salvage operations, our pumps range in size from 2” to 6” and can handle discharge volumes to meet most salvage capacity requirements.
  • Lift Bags
    Connors Diving Services has the capability to provide 110,000llbs (110 tons) of lift with air alone. Multiple lift bags of varying sizes and shapes allow the necessary adaptation needed in salvage.

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