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Underwater Ship Repair Specialists

As the core business of Connors Diving Services has continued to be commercial diving, we have been responding for vessel repairs since inception. Whether due to ice damage, groundings or regular maintenance, we have the personnel, equipment and expertise to take care of all your ship maintenance requirements. At anchor or alongside, our company performs quality service to the customer’s satisfaction. Some of these services include:

    Underwater Hull Cleaning
    Using 2 dual brush hydraulic scrubbers and high-pressure washers, we can perform quality hull cleaning night or day to assure maximum vessel performance and fuel savings. All hull cleanings may be accompanied with before and after digital photography complete with written reports upon request.
    Underwater Welding
    Cracked or damaged shell plates and “A” frames may be wet welded while the vessel remains afloat, eliminating the need for expensive docking of the vessel. Connors Diving Services uses the CWB and AWS D3.6 all position class ”B” welding standard.
      Propeller Repairs
    Damaged propellers can be straightened, cropped or replaced, as the situation requires, eliminating the need for dry-docking the vessel.
      Intakes and Discharges
    Installation of hull aperture blanks enables sea valve repair and replacement to the benefit of the vessels integrity.
      Wear down Calibration
    Poker gauge readings of tail shaft wear down and rudder pintle clearance measurements provide accurate assessments of propulsion and steering gear overall condition.

    Dry Box Welding
    Connors Diving Services can fabricate any size or shape dry box to assist in-water ship repairs.

      Cathodic Protection
    Anodes can be supplied and installed by underwater welding techniques.
    Propeller Polishing
    Using single brush scrubbers, propellers can be cleaned polished, providing less drag and better performance.


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