Vertical Air Kat Series Compressors ak6 fBreathing Air Systems has a semi-annual maintenance program available to test your compressor equipment's performance, operational efficiency, and air quality. Brands we service include: Jordair, Bauer, Jmar, Mako and Eagle.

The benefits of regular maintenance include:
  •  Longer Compressor Life
  • Reduced Liability
  • Safer Operation
What's include: (twice annually)
  •  Oil and Oil Change in Compressor
  • Change of Filter Cartridges  (based on hours of operation)
  • Air Purity Check As Per  CAN3-Z180.1-M85
  • C.F.M. Output Flow Analysis
  • Oil Pressure Check and Adjustment
  • Lubrication of Oil Pump Chain
  • Maximum Pressure Checks
  • Inspection & Adjustment of Drive Belt
  • Inspection and Tightening (if required) of all Head and Cylinder bolts, etc.
  • All Mileage and Routine Labour
  • Complete, Signed 30 Point Check List
  • A Maintenance, Repair, and Fill Log Book

What is not included (available by request):
  •   Motor or Engine Maintenance
  •   Hydrostatic Testing of Storage
  •   Cylinders
  • Parts, if needed
  • Routine Filter Changes which are required between Calls
  • Labour for other than Routine
  •   Emergency Service Calls
Breathing Air Systems also offers:
  •   24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Custom Designed Fill Panels and Filtration Systems
  • Cylinder Visual Inspections
  • Hydrostatic Testing of both B.A. and Storage Cylinders
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