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Insurance is free on the first $100 in value then $2.95 per $100 after that.

Up to $300
·         Proprietary L6X® alloy, a specially balanced aluminum-magnesium-silicon formula exclusive to Luxfer.

·         Luxfer scuba cylinders are manufactured to meet or exceed all recognized international standards.

·         Nitrox-ready—All new Luxfer scuba cylinders are prepared at the factory to be suitable for use with oxygen-enriched breathing mixtures.*

·         Luxfer scuba cylinders are cycle-tested in excess of 100,000 cycles at service pressure.

·         Minimum burst pressure tested to 2.5 times service pressure without failure.

·         Corrosion-resistant interior and exterior—unlike corrosion-prone steel tanks.

·         Consistent weight.

·         Thick, damage-resistant walls.

·         Available in various painted and unpainted finishes.
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