Kirby Morgan Equipment Training:kirbymorgan 

Divers World is authorized to instruct Kirby Morgan maintenance and repair technician courses and the Kirby Morgan Operator/User training course.  These courses consist of maintenance of yoke/clamp assembly, shell inspection, side block and demand valve, as well monthly and daily procedures, checklists and record keeping.  Our instructors have been trained by Dive lab.


This course was developed to teach trained commercial diving personnel standardized inspection, set-up, and operation procedures for the KMDSI Helmets and Band Masks. This course is primarily intended to teach commercial divers and diving personnel standardized procedures for the use of KMDSI Helmets and Masks. "It is NOT a Repair/Technician course". 

The operator / user course instructs commercial divers, tenders, and supervisors how to perform routine daily pre-dive / post-dive procedures as well as corrective adjustments and to identify equipment deficiencies, which could hamper helmet or Band Mask performance and/or pose a potential hazard. The course teaches the KMDSI monthly, and daily helmet and Band Mask pre/post dive maintenance, set-up, adjustment, and inspection procedures for Kirby Morgan Helmets, Band Masks and other specific associated equipment including first stage regulators, whips and gauges. Upon completion, each student will receive a two-year certification. 

The course does not qualify or certify the individual to perform repairs, overhauls, or annual face port insert testing. Upon successful completion of the course and assigned tests, each student will receive a two year certification from Dive Lab (Kirby Morgan) USA initially and three years upon re-certification.


This course instructs divers, tenders, and dive system technicians how to perform routine repair and maintenance of all KMDSI Helmets, Band Mask, and other specific associated equipment.  The course also teaches how to conduct Helmet and Band Mask inspections, adjustments, and overhauls as well as face port insert  testing, removal and repairing the side block, removal of weights and learn about the KMDSI set-up and maintenance checklists, and Operations and Maintenance Manuals. 


PSI/PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection Training

Visual inspection is a necessary process in order to determine a cylinder's suitability for continued service. However, it constitutes more than looking into a cylinder and pronouncing it "good to go".  Knowing what makes a cylinder "good" and what makes it "bad" is why cylinder inspection training is important. And contrary to popular belief, there are laws concerning cylinder handling and visual inspection as well as eddy current application!

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